What Is Psoriasis – Everything You Need To Know About It [Infographic]

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What Is Psoriasis

Looking at the judgments made were a mere fever can be diagnosed with a fatal disease by the uneducated and ignorant people, who fall under the lowest strata of the society, psoriasis is also one of the diseases which is been judged wrongly. Here is an infographic showing all about psoriasis:

What is Psoriasis

Here are common Myths and Facts About Psoriasis

  • MYTH: Psoriasis is Contagious

FACT: It is not a communicable disease. The red scaly patches are the result of a disorder of the immune system.

  • MYTH: Psoriasis is Caused By Poor Hygiene

FACT: Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease of the immune system and is not exacerbated by poor personal hygiene. Stress, infection, skin injury, hormonal changes and exposure to some kind of medication can then trigger a flare-up of psoriasis.

  • MYTH: Psoriasis is Just A Physical Problem

FACT: Psoriasis is more than a physical problem. It is more linked to an individual’s emotional and mental state. It causes intense emotional sufferings including feelings of anger, depression. Some sufferers tend to have suicidal tendencies as well.

  • MYTH: Psoriasis is Curable

FACT: Psoriasis is a chronic and a lifelong condition. It is a non-curable disease. However, the disease can generally be controlled via a variety of treatments including lotions, shampoos, pills or injections. It can occur at any age including all genders. Most develop the illness in early childhood.

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