Do You Know What Is Getting Under Your Skin? (Infographic)

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toxic skin care products

People expend billions of dollars every year on skin care products. For some, that money goes to anti-aging creams and acne treatments that promise unblemished skin. Even those whose skin care regimen consists of little more than soap and water also want to find the cleanser that leaves skin glowing and healthy. But most people end up using toxic skin care products because of lack of awareness.

Go through the detailed info-graphic by Effortless Skin on increasing awareness about the effect of toxic products used for skin care.

toxic skin care products

Finding the right skin care products starts with understanding skin types. Each skin type ( dry, normal, oily, or combination skin ) has its own needs, and choosing products designed for the appropriate type can help bring the skin closer to its healthy ideal. Look for the skin care product that matches the skin type of the area, it is meant to cleanse, tone, or moisturize.

For good health, every skin has a few basic needs. The skin should be clean, moisturized, and protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. At its simplest, a skin care regimen includes products to fill these three fundamental needs.

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