15 Minutes A Day For Dazzling Eyes That Will Actually Change Your Life

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15 Minutes A Day For Dazzling Eyes That Will Actually Change Your Life

Eyes are known for their beauty, sensitivity, and sensuality. They are often described as jewels of the body. Eyes act as a window to the world, but more importantly, reflect facial beauty. Lack of proper care and attention can drain out the natural glow and beauty of your eyes and cause problems like dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet around your eyes, and even wrinkles.

To keep your eyes healthy, all you need is – 15 minutes. And, here are a few tips for healthy eyes :

Splash Eyes with Cold Water

Whether it is early morning and you have just woken up or late evening preceded with a hectic day – splashing cold water on eyes always generates a soothing effect.

Applying Chilled Things

For this, place things like cucumbers, tea bags, potato slices, or 2 metal teaspoons in the refrigerator for around 20-30 minutes. After washing your eyes with cold water, lie down or sit in a comfortable position and apply any of them on your eyes for some time. You can also apply cotton pads dipped in cooled rose water. This is a perfect remedy for tired and dry eyes.

Few Exercises For Eyes

Like any other body part, even your eyes demand proper exercise. There are certain simple exercises that can be done on a daily basis without consuming much time. Have a quick read through a few of them:-

  • First of all, rub your palms against each other till they feel warm and then cover your eyes with them for a few seconds. Make sure not to put too much pressure on the eyes.
  • Then close your eyes tightly for 2-3 minutes.
  • After this, focus on near and distant objects. In this, first, focus on a distant object in front of you for 10-15 seconds and then on an object near you for the same time. Repeat this process for 2-3 minutes without moving your neck.
  • Roll your eye in the formation of figure 8 alternatively in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 2-3 minutes.
  • Repeat the palming exercise again in the end.

Besides, the natural care you can also take help from good eye creams, ones that have natural ingredients. Something like Revitol Eye Cream will defiantly suit your eyes and enlivens them.

Apart from this 15-minute routine – drink lots of water, check your posture while reading and writing and sleep well. And, eat healthy food by including lots of:-

Carrots – They are rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants. They are always good for eyes as they minimize the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Vitamin C – Loaded with antioxidants, vegetables, and fruits rich in vitamin C is an important key to protect eyes. Have bell pepper, Brussels, and broccoli.

Sweet Potato – The beta-carotene content in this juicy vegetable helps in keeping your eyes safe.

Spinach – It is considered as one of the best vegetables for eyes. Why? Well, spinach is a combination of vitamin C, beta-carotene, large amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, and storehouse of antioxidant.

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