The Secret of Christie Brinkley’s Ageless Beauty

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Christie Brinkley’s Ageless Beauty

hristie Brinkley, a former supermodel is a trustworthy voice in skincare and is 62. Unbelievable, isn’t it??? People ask her all the time “What is your secret of ageless beauty?” In her words it’s gratitude. “There is beauty within us and all around us. Take a minute to appreciate it and smile!” she says. And her second beauty secret is knowing what to put on her face every single day. The right skin care routine does make a lot of difference.

It’s imperative to review your skin care routine every decade and make sure you’re not repeating any skin care mistake. Here are some skin care habits by Christie Brinkley that she made when she was young. I have compiled her go-to list of skin care tips:

1. Applying Sunscreen: Her biggest skin care mistake was forgetting to apply sunscreen. The need for protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun is essential and sunscreen does that job for you in every season. Sunscreen shields us from harmful UV rays, prevents premature aging, lowers skin cancer risks, checks blotchiness on the face and prevents sunburns and tanning, Never forget to protect your skin with a good, high SPF designed for your skin type and reapply during the whole day.

2. Quit Smoking: Her second biggest mistake was smoking, which she has stopped now. Smoking accelerates the aging process. As you age, the skin starts drooping, develops bags under the eyes, fine lines, crow’s fee, becomes dry and uneven with broken blood vessels. By quitting smoking one looks more energetic and healthy and can also delay aging. That is exactly how you’ll feel, too.

3. Exfoliating: For her extraordinary complexion Brinkley exfoliates her skin every day now. She believes that exfoliating is the only way to instantly smoothen out your skin, resultant of accumulation of dead skin cells, For those who are concerned about wrinkles, the natural skin exfoliation process helps clear breakouts & acne, improve skin texture, reduce appearance of large pores, improve absorption and exfoliate all signs of aging. Regular exfoliating your face once in a week will help your makeup go on softly as well as allow your sunscreen to best protect your skin. So, make exfoliating as part of your daily routine like Brinkley.

4. Drinking Lemon Water: Brinkley starts her day by drinking a glass of lemon water to revitalize herself. As compared to herbal tea or coffee, drinking lemon water in the morning keeps your skin blemish-free, gives the immune system a boost, help in digestion, lose weight, reduce inflammation & cleanse the system. Lemon water is an inexpensive drink, if one wants to gain benefits. You can try some other lemon water recipes as you would like too.

Brinkley’s lessons and tips on skin care are a sign that daily habits create the biggest impact on your skin. Take good care of your skin and put your best face forward.

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