A Complete Pregnancy Skin Care Routine – [An Infographic]

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Pregnancy can be a difficult time for your skin and pregnancy skin care routine is required at this time. Expecting mothers can find themselves facing a slew of skin concerns from acne to dark circles to dry patches. Skin care routine for pregnant women is really essential. Having a healthy skincare regime is always important, but even more important during pregnancy.

To know more about pregnancy skin care routine, go through the Infographic by “skincarewellness.com”:

Also follow this daily routine to get glowing skin during pregnancy:

CLEANSER: Use a good quality cleanser which is made up of good and natural ingredients.
EYE CREAM: Eye cream is so important, and not something to skimp on during pregnancy as well. Avoid eye creams with retinol, as this ingredient is contraindicated during pregnancy.
MANUAL EXFOLIANT: Due to hormones, your skin during pregnancy can be super sensitive and reactive to acids, which are mild exfoliants.
MOISTURIZER: It is key, especially if you have dry skin as it keeps the skin hydrated.
FACE OIL: It helps balance and hydrates the skin, as well as balance oil which makes it good for all skin types. There are also many products to avoid during pregnancy. Click here to know about them!

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