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Gorgeous skin tips

A busy morning means you are probably juggling through numerous chores. It is understandable how you have to rush through your dressing and beauty routines. If you could just save a few precious minutes in the morning, you would have a thorough ‘getting ready routine’. But would that be possible? Surely, you can do that by making a few adjustments and getting a bit innovative with your morning beauty regimen.

Follow this infographic and read below to find some amusingly practical tips for the same:

  • Merge Your Makeup Regimen

When it comes to saving time from your morning makeup tasks use products that multitask. By using products that can work to give double, triple, or even more benefits will help save precious time. You can use products that actually work such as Life cell cream + Sun Protection + Foundation, Conditioner + Shampoo, Multi-pallet color box for eye shadow, lip and cheeks, etc.

  • Leave No Scope For Bad Hair Days

Daily hair bath can be a very time-consuming thing. You can optimize or tweak it to save time. Try dry shampoo instead of lathering up your hair. If you prefer straightened hair, do it a night before. Smart ponytails and braids always come to rescue. Lastly, use a soft pillow cover, preferably satin to minimize hair ruffling overnight and you can also try Provillus hair regrowth formula for black and thick hair.

  • A Quick Makeup Trick

Elaborate your eye makeup. Beautiful eyes make you even more attractive. This will also enhance your facial features and save the time required for other makeup.

  • Keep Your Makeup Kit Organised

Keep your makeup kit intact so that you have all the stuff you require in one place. This will save you a lot of time that is usually wasted looking for items.

  • A Little Weekly Planning

Plan your week ahead in terms of selecting your clothes and accessories. A lot of time, which is usually stressful goes into deciding a suitable dress and matching accessories that would go with it. If you chart down a week’s dressing style in advance, you would know exactly what you want to wear the next day. Saves time, doesn’t it?

  • Sleep On Time To Avoid Puffy Eye

If you are a night owl or an evening person, sleep deprivation is obvious. This usually leads to puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles. A good night’s sleep gives a natural and instant boost to your beauty, so you better get one.

  • Better Hair Removing Methods

Unwanted body hair has troubled women for centuries. But then the methods of getting rid of them have also evolved. Morning is no time to use a razor, nor is it viable for long term use. You can instead use hair removing cream. It is an instant, painless way to remove hair and is considered beneficial for long term use.

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