10 Interesting Facts About Cellulite You Probably Didn’t Know

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Interesting Facts About Cellulite

Cellulite refers to the pockets of fat that develop right underneath the surface of the skin. It is often caused due to the lack of exercise, change in hormones, poor diet, and by poor circulation of blood. Unawareness about well-known facts and ways to get rid of cellulite can become the cause of these structures to buckle and create the dimpled look.

interesting facts about cellulite

Want to know more about cellulite! Read on because we’ve gotten facts about cellulite that you may not have known.

  1. It’s caused by changes in the skin’s surface due to things like excess weight, fluid retention or lack of dermis strength.
  2. According to the study in 2004, 85-95% of post-pubescent women of all races have cellulite.
  3. Did you know men are less likely to develop cellulite because of their skin tissue and fat cell create a more lateral, stronger structure that is less likely to buckle?
  4. There are many claims on what are the best ways to get rid of cellulite.
  5. Many beauty companies sell skin firming creams as an “effective” solution.
  6.  Mayo clinic reports that “no studies shows that these creams used by themselves offer any improvement.”
  7. Liposuction is not a recommended treatment for cellulite, as it often makes it more noticeable.
  8. Smoking may also increase the appearance of cellulite.
  9. Most doctors and experts agree that the only effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is through proper diet, adequate hydration, and aerobic exercise/strength training.
  10. However, even those methods do not guarantee the elimination of cellulite for good.

So let’s just learn to be good to ourselves, both physically and mentally.

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