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Who doesn’t like to flaunt those sleeveless tank tops and off-shoulder dresses? But unfortunately, a dark sight under the underarms can be so embarrassing and discourage you from dressing up in your favorite dress. Therefore, you need to read this article to know the hidden reasons and how to get rid of the dark underarms.

  • In the eyes of a specialist

According to the dermatologists, dead skin trapped in the skin is one of the main reasons behind the dark patches or spots you see on the underarms.

How to lighten dark underarms: The most potent solution to this is exfoliation. It will remove the cells that are causing the area to look darker. Use a product that contains lactic acid.

  • D for D: Deodorant for Darkness of the underarms

Have you ever realized the fact that regular use of deodorant may be making your underarms dark? Yes, the ingredients present in your deodorant may be doing it. Immediately, change your deodorant.

How to lighten dark underarms: A deodorant should have the ability to lighten up your underarms. It must contain a moisturizing cream to aid in the repair of damaged skin tissue caused by repeated hair removal besides providing nourishment for removing the dark patches from the skin.

  • Stop shaving

Different people have different reasons to use a razor to remove hair from their armpits. Unfortunately, what you love turns out to be your skin’s enemy. When you shave, hair is removed along with a small part of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue. This makes the area appear dark, though it is, in reality, the skin’s subsurface which is visible. Shaving can cause skin irritation and thus skin darkening as well.

How to lighten dark underarms: Leave it immediately and start waxing. It doesn’t cause any such side-effects.

  • Friction is a fact

Some fabrics rubbing against the skin like jeans can make the skin turn dark. Try to wear soft clothes and exfoliate your skin regularly. For this, you can use Revitol skin exfoliator as it helps in making the skin radiant and glowing.

How to lighten dark underarms: Wear loose skin-friendly fabrics especially in weather when you sweat profusely.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Women suffering from PCOS or during pregnancy can suffer from hyper pigmentation. Excess release of melanin pigment can turn parts such as the neck, waist dark. Underarms often look dark when this extends to the underarm region.

How to lighten dark underarms: People who are suffering from hyper pigmentation should consult a doctor immediately for the correct future course of action.

BOTTOM LINE: Learn how to get rid of dark underarms as this must be forcing you to stay away from dresses you love to wear. But before that understand what causes dark underarms.

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