6 Effective Steps To Protect Your Diabetic Feet

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Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is an agitated disease, and it does particular damage to the feet. It can happen to anyone.
Complications from diabetes include nerve damage and poor blood circulation. What’s worse, when the disease progresses it can end up with the loss of sensation in the feet, which can cause foot injuries and wounds that might be difficult to heal.

Following are 6 effective steps to protect diabetic feet:


1. Avoid Walking barefoot – Diabetic should never walk barefoot, even indoors. For diabetics with circulation problems, walking barefoot on hot pavement is especially dangerous and can lead to severe burns and infection.

2. Avoid Flat and tight shoes – Well-fitting doesn’t just mean you wear a certain size, but that your shoes are not too loose or too tight anywhere. That helps to prevent you from forming blisters and calluses.

3. Wear cushion soles– Thick soles cushion your feet and help your feet to avoid those hot spots.

4. Select the recommended shoe or sandal – Always choose the best diabetic shoes and sandal. This will help you to protect your feet.

5. Replace wear and tear shoes – Do not use shoes for a long run if you are diabetic. This can give you cuts which are dangerous for your feet. Shoes must be replaced after a specific period of use.

6. Practice good foot hygiene – Do not let your feet dry, use moisturizers available for feet.

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