5 Common Causes Of Pimples On Face – [An Infographic]

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If you are subjected to breakouts, pimples, spots and redness, you may find yourself wondering what causes pimples on face.

To know more about the causes of pimples on face, go through the infographic by “shutterstock.com”

Following are the causes of pimples on face:

  • Your face too becomes one of the most unclean parts of your body. Wipe down your phone every few hours to avoid the spread of germs.A little stress
  • is unavoidable. Stress can cause acne flare-ups and breakouts as over-production of cortisol causes your glands to produce more oil.If you are in-taking a littl
  • e more dairy than your body can usually tolerate, your skin works harder to get rid of the products that don’t agree with your body.
  • Travelling anywhere by aeroplane is bad for your skin. The low humidity dehydrates your skin, stripping it of essential moisture.

Some skincare products contain synthetic ingredients which may not be a good fit for your skin.So, try using Revitol acne cream as this is made up of natural ingredients.

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