Should You Change Skin Care Routine In Winter?

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Winter Skin Care

As the mercury begins to dip, your skin too feels the pinch of nippy winter winds. Parched lips and rough skin covered with slight dry scales mean your skin requires more care. Masking your face with moisturizers, lotions or winter creams won’t be effective to shield skin against blustery winter winds and temperature variations. Aging skin faces all the more reasons to worry. Your regular anti aging skin care definitely requires a change during winter.

Skin is subjected to sudden temperature changes during winter, be it exposing your skin directly to cold waves after going out from heated room or sudden temperature changes from hot showers to cold room. Higher temperatures cause skin capillaries to dilate and sudden change to cooler atmosphere contracts them. These sudden changes aren’t dangerous once or twice. But winters last long and exposing skin to such changes over a prolonged time period can damage skin permanently.

Skin’s natural barrier function gets compromised during winter, one major skin change that occurs during this weather. As your skin is unable to retain its natural moisture for long it looks dull and dry. The situation gets worse if you are not using good anti-aging cream. Average anti-aging cream does not penetrate skin and gets washed off rendering it useless.

So, is there a solution? Yes, totally. Bring simple changes in your skin care routine like: –

  • Use cream cleanser: These cleansers are mild and don’t deplete natural skin oil. It will be beneficial to shift to cream cleansers as they efficiently protect your skin from getting dry in cold wintery winds.
  • Toners: Using fragranced toner, having alcoholic base harms your skin during winters. Switching over to a toner designed to hydrate your skin would be good. Regular hydration is essential for smooth and moisturized skin in winters.
  • Anti-aging cream: It is relatively unknown, but skin requires different anti aging skin care during winters. Apart from tightening skin, your anti aging cream should be able to protect skin from permanent capillary damages occurring due to sudden changes in temperature. Always buy an anti aging cream that is effective throughout winters.

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Scrubs and Peels: The basic reason behind dry skin is an accumulation of dried, dead cells on the skin surface. Use of gentle scrubs or peelers will help you get rid of dry cells. Regular exfoliation is essential in summers and winters. But it is essential in winters when skin turns too sensitive and needs extra care.

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