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One of the happiest occasions in life is when you lose weight or get pregnant. But the after effects of weight loss and pregnancy become annoying to you as stretch marks appear on skin. Stretch marks are found on the skin when you gain a lot of weight abruptly. Rapid weight gain leads to stretching of skin resulting in scarring. Most people these days are concerned about their appearance and leave no stone unturned to treat these unsightly scars on skin. Stretch marks can be embarrassing and are very common among women. It is best to treat stretch marks when they show up immediately.

What are Stretch Marks?

When you spot symptoms like fine lines on the body, particularly on the surface of skin, it is a sign of stretch marks. Stretch marks are common during puberty and appear when the skin is pulled or stretched due to various reasons. Stretching of the skin causes disturbance in the normal collagen production resulting in the occurrence of stretch marks. Women find the appearance of stretch marks on body parts like hips, butt, thighs and breasts.

Why do Stretch Marks Occur?

  1. One of the major reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is due to stretching of skin an-d enlarging of cortisone.
  2. Most women experience stretch marks on skin during the sixth month of pregnancy. Hormonal factors during pregnancy are also responsible for stretch marks.
  3. Stretch marks occur when the skin begins to lose elastin and collagen. When the skin is stretched more than normal, it results in tissue fiber breakdown and then forms stretch marks.
  4. Another reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is because of inadequate time offered for the production of new skin cells.
  5. Medication, genetics and certain underlying conditions can be the other major reasons for the occurrence of stretch marks.

Important Facts You Must Know About Stretch Marks

  • It is not only women, who suffer from stretch marks. These marks are also common among men, when they put on weight suddenly or take to lifting heavy weights.
  • When the skin is over stretched, it causes elasticity breakdown of the skin.
  • If you find pink, reddish or purplish streaks on the skin, it is a sure sign of stretch marks.
  • Prior to experiencing stretch marks, you can experience microscopic bleeding along with tissue inflammation?
  • In the beginning the color of stretch marks is red or purple. However, these marks slowly turn into a silvery-white color later. Stretch marks measure 1-10mm in width and are a few centimeters long.

Is it possible to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

There is every possibility of getting rid of stretch marks with innumerable creams and lotions available in the market these days. Removing stretch marks becomes easy by opting for the right kind of treatments. Those suffering from stretch marks are looking for a cream that stands above the rest in treating stretch marks.

Choosing such a cream can become a herculean task, particularly when you have numerous products flooding the market. For people who want to completely eliminate stretch marks, it is important that they focus on natural ingredients when buying skin creams. Here are a few ingredients that must be present in your stretch mark cream.

  • Squalene Oil – Having healing properties, this ingredient is derived from olive oil segregates. Natural oil like this helps attain a soft, healthy skin and minimizes the appearance of scars that occur due to stretch mark formation.
  • Vitamin E – This natural nutrient plays a crucial role in skin regeneration. In stretch mark removal creams this ingredient is present in the form of alpha-tocopheral. Vitamin E in stretch mark creams helps boost formation of new skin cells, thereby minimizing formation of stretch marks.
  • Aloe Vera Extract – Popularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is great for skin health. It heals skin and reduces the appearance of scars occurring due to stretch marks. This is one important natural ingredient present in stretch mark creams.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate – This is another important natural ingredient that helps you have a smooth skin. It helps in the growth of skin cells and eliminates the appearance of stretch marks.

These are some of the best natural ingredients present in stretch mark creams like the Lucent Skin Stretch Mark Cream. So next time you go to the market to buy a stretch mark cream, make sure that it contains all these ingredients for instant glow on skin. You will find that your skin not only looks gorgeous but your stretch marks totally disappear.