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Glossy hair locks have an aesthetic appeal, but the same isn’t exactly true if your entire body has hair growth. Besides, excessive body hair in women is much tabooed subject making them opt for various hair removing methods. These methods are often called as depilation or epilation. Today you’ll find even men including hair removal apart from shaving in their grooming list.

Hair are practically found on entire body, except for palms, feet sole and lips hair. They usually become prominent during and after puberty in both men and women. People facing excessive hair on body usually have to opt for different hair removal techniques.  For some hair removal matters mostly due to personal hygiene, but others identify it as fashion necessity. Starting with men beards and going on to other hair covered areas it quite clear that keep your body clean is much easier if it is free from hair.

So Why Is It So Important To De-Fuzz?

Earlier, in the Roman Empire hair removal from the body represented social status. This way the nobles and important figures were distinguished from the common and poor. Even today the foremost reason for removal of hair is aesthetics. However, numbers of reasons have contributed to this practice since then. Another important one is hygiene as hair removal is easiest way of remove lice, reduce body odors and prepare body site for surgery.

Most people don’t want unwanted hair damage their looks. Excessive facial hair is also another motivating factor to go for various hair removal techniques. These techniques become important for people suffering from Hypertrichosis, a condition which causes extensive hair growth on body.

DE- Fuzz Painlessly!

Popular Hair Removal Methods

Popular hair removal methods include: Shaving, Depilatories, Waxing, Laser and Electrolysis.

  1. Shaving: This has been the simplest method and most common method so far. It is inexpensive, safe and fast but painful at times. Shaving should be performed on wet skin as it leads to smooth and more comfortable shave. Shaving can often lead to unwanted cuts and needs to be done more frequently to attain good results.
  2. Waxing: Waxing is another alternative to the razor shave. It offers long lasting effects but is often painful. The skin should be free of all the oils and moisturizers before waxing. The waxing strips should always be pulled against the direction of hair growth.
  3. Laser: In this technology light is absorbed by the dark pigment resulting in destruction of the hair follicle. Laser has been claimed to be the permanent method to remove hair but to attain this stage you need to go through multiple laser treatment which tends to destroy the skin tissue.
  4. Electrolysis: A needle is passed into the hair follicle and current is passed to kill the follicle thus reducing hair growth. Get rid of pesky, unwanted hair. It’s easy!
  5. Depilatories : Depilatories works by cracking the hair’s protein structure so that the hair comes out easily when the cream is rubbed off customers look for inexpensive and quick fix methods for almost every dilemma. Hair removal creams offer both, they are heap and easy to use. Unlike waxing this easy method is painless if used properly. Waxing is just painful and pesky.

Hair removal creams give a natural exfoliation as the cream is rubbed off the skin. This removes dead and unwanted cells from the body. Thus hair removal creams not only removes hair but also leave skin glowing and smooth.

On the other hand shaving can irritate your skin and needs to be done regularly in order to get smooth skin. Laser technology, as we know destroys the dark pigment and in the process of doing so it damages the nearby tissues as well. Skin undergoing laser technology is more vulnerable to skin allergies and cancers.

By far hair removal creams seems like a pretty good option as compared to waxing, shaving and even laser.

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