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We all love our eyes, for they are the most attractive part of our face. No wonder there are numerous products to enhance the beauty of our eyes – Mascara, liners and artificial eyelashes. But all of them seem useless with those dark circles outshining amongst everything else. Every time you stare in the mirror and see those extra brown rings around your eyes it makes you feel depressing and old.

Why Do You Get Dark Circles?

Like most people think, dark circles are not caused by being tired or fatigued. It can be true to certain extent that tiredness makes the skin look dull and excessive drinking can makes it thin but     the reasons behind these dark circles are much wider than these.

Heredity: For obvious reasons the combination of genetics and heredity contributes to dark circles.

Thinning of skin: This can make red and blue vessels under your skin more visible. Capillaries leak blood close to the surface of skin, under eyes and when this blood oxidizes it gives under eye skin a dark appearance. The more translucent and thin the skin is, the more visible your dark circles will be.

Exposure to sun: The UVB and UVA can be very harmful to skin and can make dark circles even more prominent. This is because UV rays increase the melanin pigment of our skin and make the dark circles appear darker.

Improper nutrition: This is the primary factor that affects the health of your skin. An unbalanced diet definitely causes dark circles to appear.

Improper Hydration: People often don’t drink much water during the day and they don’t realize when dehydration occurs. Drinking coffee, alcohol or tea can trigger the problem of dehydration because of the presence of salt. Dehydration is one of the important causes of dark circles. It is always advised to drink six to eight glasses of water in a day.

Aging: Last but not the least, this also causes dark circles to appear. But this is the evident fact and cannot be ignored because with aging skin gets thinner and the blue veins start appearing. Without proper anti ageing prevention skin start losing collagen and elastin which can contribute these extra brown circles to appear.

How to get rid of these dark circles?

Now we already know that under eye dark circles are not just the results of lack of sleep but inappropriate collagen production. If you find the right treatment for your eyes it will surely leave you with improved under eye complexion. But before you start your hunt for the new treatment keep certain criteria in your mind.

Ingredients and their quality: Any treatment that you follow must contain vitamin K and Retinol. Many dark circle creams containing these two ingredients reduce discoloration and swelling under the eyes. But some of the creams contain harsh and harmful chemicals that crack the soft under eye skin. The best cream so far is Revitol eye cream which contains all the required ingredients and do not pose any side effects.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness of any product is judged by feedbacks from the people. And by far Lucent Skin has got the best reviews from most of the people. Injections and other such treatments might prove successful for some time but not in a long run. Before going for any treatment check its effectiveness.

Bad effects: This means that the product should prove effective in a long run not just for the time you are applying it. It happens with most of the medications, as soon as you stop using them the results start vanishing altogether.

Choose wisely: If you are spending good amount of your earnings on these products you ought to choose wisely. Choose a cream with natural ingredients like vitamin K and retinol. Don’t get tempted by the flashy packaging, it might turn you down.

Eye creams are the best and easiest way to get rid of dark circles, but should be chosen with great care. Lucent Skin eye cream is effective in maintaining the delicacy of under eye area, effective in removing eye wrinkles and help in reducing eye puffiness. Along with being safe Lucent Skin eye cream is economical as well and better than all the surgical treatments available in the market.