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Skin disorders are common these days because of unhealthy lifestyles and ignoring the importance of right skin care routine. Lack of proper and timely skin care can lead to vicissitude of skin problems that range from being trifling to more serious ones. Cellulite being one is listed among some of the most annoying skin issues. Dermatologists on the other hand claim that cellulite is not a disease, but a skin condition. Nonetheless, for cellulite sufferers this trivial problem is big bane and an untidy blotch on their beauty.

Cellulite – The Unsightly Skin Issue This skin condition affects some areas of skin due to underlying fat deposition. This imparts skin a dimpled and lumpy appearance mainly on the thighs, lower abdomen and hips. This condition is common to women and not restricted to specific body structures or obesity. Men are equally vulnerable to develop cellulite, but generally to lesser extent and fewer cases.

What Causes Cellulite? To get better idea about cellulite, it is necessary to look into the basics of skin anatomy. Our skin is divided into three parts:

Epidermis – the uppermost part, Dermis- the middle region and Fat layer: the lowermost layer. We will focus our discussion to the last part of the skin. The fat layer further contains three layers. The uppermost levels of the fat layer are small projections of fat cells. These fat cells protrude more that they need to into the Dermis layer causing skin to appear patchy and dimpled, thus forming cellulite. In addition, there are other important explanations that describe the cause of above mentioned condition:

Hormones: The hormones such as estrogen, thyroid hormones, non adrenaline and prolactin are known to contribute to cellulite formation. Consequently all the conditions which increase the level of these hormones may increase the severity of cellulite.

Gender: Women are more prone to cellulite than men due to the general anatomy of the skin. The connective tissue that connects fats in fat layers is vertically oriented in women and present as net like structure in men. Besides, dermis layer in women is thinner than in men, which often leads to cellulite formation.

Nutritional Deficiencies: A diet insufficient in proteins leads to weakening of the connective tissue that connects fat in subcutaneous layer. The insufficient support will cause fat cell chambers to protrude into the dermis.

Overweight: It is a general fallacy that only obese people suffer from cellulite. To some extent overweight people are more prone to it, but they are certainly not the only ones. Obese people have greater fat accumulation which means the chances of fat cells protruding into the dermis and causing skin thinning is higher for them.

Lack of proper circulation: Decreased blood flow to some areas of the body can cause those parts to swell. This swelling eventually leads to cellulite formation.

Decreased metabolism: Improper diets like hyper calorie or poor diets can cause your metabolism to slow down. If your metabolism is not working efficiently it will obviously not burn extra fats.

Types Of Cellulite

  1. Edematous cellulite: This is the most common form of cellulite affecting most people. It results from poor circulation of blood. It mainly occurs in legs causing it to lose its shape. Generally people who sit for hours, due to work or any other reasons are more prone to this type of cellulite. The areas mainly affected include – thighs, knees and lower legs.
  2. Hard cellulite: Most common form of cellulite that affects younger women. This mainly occurs around hips, upper thighs and around the back and lower sides of the knees.
  3. Soft cellulite: As the name suggests, it is soft to touch and occurs mostly in those areas where there is accumulation of fat like the upper arms, lower abdomen and legs.

Cellulite Treatment: Options Available

Massage therapy: Experts use their fingers, hands, thumbs and forearms to massage the affected area. Massage stretches the layer of connective tissue that connects the fat cells. This stretching creates micro tears that fill the gaps formed. This method is only effective if the massage is done with great care, otherwise it can even damage the body.

Liposuction: Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery involving suction assisted fat removal. Being a surgical method it is dangerous for obvious reasons. No doubt it removes all the fats, but causes unwanted damage to the body.

Laser splitting search tissue: In this treatment the probes are inserted into the affected areas for the laser to emit large amount of heat to melts fats. But this laser technology, emitting heat can damage the surrounding tissues to a greater extent.

Cellulite Removal Creams Are Preferred Treatment – Here’s Why? From the above mentioned facts it is evident that cellulite occurs at a very deep level. Cellulite removal creams contain all the important ingredients that work by improving circulation and breaking down fat cells. They offer accurate treatments without any body pains or side effects. This treatment for cellulite removal c does not contain any dangerous allergens that irritate your skin. Apply cream and rub it off, seems the easiest way to get rid of this condition. A right cellulite removal cream can not only cure cellulite but even prevent it.