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Science has come a long way ever since it discovered salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide- the two main ingredients in all kinds of acne medications. Recent science breakthroughs are doing even better in developing good acne medications every day. Most of you get confused when checking different cosmetics, so it is important to understand the cause behind acne and its treatments.

Let’s first briefly get the idea about pimples and comedones. Both acne and comedones start with dirt or sebum clogged skin pores. Such an environment allows acne causing bacteria to flourish which begets painful blisters. It is important to remove dust particles and dirt from the pores to treat acne.

Popular Myths About Acne

If you are actually interested in finding the cause behind these annoying zits, then first get the facts about it. Don’t just blindly believe in old myths:

  1. Junk food causes acne: You might have heard about the connection between diet and acne but the relationship is not quite same the way you think it is. ‘People with oily skin should avoid greasy foods’ – it is a real myth because studies have shown that eating French fries or burgers has absolutely no effect on skin. Sometimes eating foods high in fiber might increase the risk of acne and too just for the people with oily skin.
  2. Poor hygiene causes acne: You might have heard that unhygienic conditions cause acne. And we end up washing our face ten times a day using harsh abrasives each time. Over washing your face can make acne breakout even more bad leading to irritated skin. Avoid being unhygienic but don’t become over conscious.
  3. Acne vanishes on its own: You really don’t have to suffer silently for acnes that don’t disappear after a while. There are plenty of creams and treatments to make your skin blemish free. These creams should be applied on dirt free face, after properly washing your face so that it can work properly. Always keep in mind that acne doesn’t go by itself.
  4. Squeezing pimples: It is common for people to squeeze zits to remove them. But this really doesn’t happen because squeezing can leave a permanent mark on the skin.

Severe Acne Types

If not treated on proper time acne can take a very severe curve. There are three types of severe acne:

  • Acne conglobata: These are inflamed infected nodules that get worse with time. They cause significant damage to skin and never really heal. These zits are filled with pus all the time and smell really bad. Though they don’t have a permanent cure but acne creams can make them less prominent.
  • Nodulocystic acne: These are somewhat same as cognoblata but are quite big in size with great inflammation and pain. Dermatologists prescribe oral medicines for it but now days fast relieving creams.
  • Acne fulminans: This type is accompanied with sudden inflammation which affects the entire body. This is also accompanied with fever and severe pain in joints. It often develops if acne congoblata is allowed to persist for a longer duration.

The Perfect Acne Treatment

As already discussed most over the counter and other acne medications contain two major ingredients- salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients work by peeling off the skin and replacing the old cells by new ones. Most gels and creams do not work because they lack the correct balance of both these ingredients. However acne treatment becomes very difficult for people having sensitive skin as they experience dryness, burning and itching after applying these products.

But where there is problem there is always a solution. Lucent Skin Acne Treatment cream contains all the required ingredients in a balanced ratio which makes it perfect for every skin type.  It eliminates redness, pimples, pus, spots, blackheads and whiteheads. It works well for people of every age and of every skin type, be it normal, combination or oily. So to treat any form of acne you don’t have to spend crazy amount of money on various surgical technologies, this simple but effective creams can meet all your expectations.